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Mango hotels now open in GOA - Jasminn by Mango hotel
Why Us?

The Express Business Hotel

As a fast growing comfort hotel, Mango Hotels has quality sleep options for one of the most hardworking nations in the world. Our stays are modelled on extreme comfort and common sense, and no frivolous extras. For no matter whom you are or where you're from, when you're on-the-go, nothing matters more than a great night's sleep.

Traveler's Testimonials
"We loved staying here and look forward to coming here soon"
- Padmashree Mrs. Madhavi Mudgal

"Will recommend the place to friends, very warm experience thank you"
- Ms. Arushi Mudgal

"It is very good for our business because it is situated in posh area and it is also lucky for our business..."
- Raj

Blog Comments

Mango Hotels works within the limitation that everything that may be offered has to be viable under the Glass Ceiling of the targeted ARR or price per night. This is integral to our Blue Ocean strategy and to integrate meaningfully with the requirement of low-cost airline and first class train passengers.

Six months after the launch of Mango Hotels CENTURY in Udupi-Manipal, our guests have rated us as the Number 1


Prashanth Aroor, CEO A delightful stay solution with entire bouquet of services makes Mango Hotels the ultimate value product for the regular travellers. In an interview, Prashanth Aroor, CEO, IntelliStay Hotels Private Limited shares the future plans of his company.