5 reasons to visit Goa in the off-season!

Let’s Go Goa! 3 words which every Indian, especially youth has lived by or wishes to, once in their lifetime. From Dil Chahta Hai to Golmaal to Singham, every movie has made us fall in love with Goa all over again. From exotic beaches to artistically beautiful churches, from exalted night-life to charming vintage cafes, the list of best places to visit in Goa and best things to do there is an infinite one.

But just like any other destination, even Goa has its peak and off-season which every traveller or tourist should take note of. Because even the best places to visit in Goa might turn out to be a disappointment with too much crowd and chaos around. Visiting Goa in its off-season, which falls between May – September has some amazing advantages. So, before you go ahead and book yourself any goa tour packages or luxury Goa hotels, definitely give this piece a read.

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Cheap Flight Tickets

In most of the travel plans, air tickets take up a major portion of your travel budget. And the same practice holds true whether you are backpacking on your own or travelling through a goa tour package. One of the many perks of travelling to Goa in the off-season is low flight fares. Your one-way flight tickets would merely cost between INR 1800 to INR 2500 which otherwise would go up to INR 3000 to INR 4000. And if you have some discount coupons in place, how cool is that? Say hello to savings!

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Luxury Accommodation at Pocket-Friendly Prices

Always wanted to stay in one of those luxurious beach resorts in Goa or at premium Goa hotels but got no budgets? That’s why you visit Goa in the off-season to enjoy unbelievable prices and discounts offered by luxury Goa hotels and beach resorts in Goa. Living life king-size while going easy on your wallet is a deed unheard of during the peak season. Make your way over to Goa during the off-season to get engulfed in luxury like never before!

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Lush Green Monsoon

For the ones who love the pleasant smell of rains and are fond of monsoon, would love Goa during its off-season. The weather is extremely cool and pleasant. And if you are an adventure junkie, you can indulge in trekking, rafting and other adventurous activities. The Dudhsagar waterfall which is at its best in monsoon is an experience you shouldn't miss. If you have booked any Goa tour package, ensure to discuss the adventure activity options with them and make the most of off season in Goa!

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Sao Jaoa Fiesta

Don’t forget to add the super joyous and colourful festival – Sao Jaoa in your Goa tourist places list or to-do list. Celebrated on 24thJune every year, this Christian festival is a carnival of songs, folk dance known as ‘Sangodds’ with people dressed in colourful uniforms and garlands of flowers and leaves known as 'copel' on their heads. With a lot of feni and Goan merriment, do we still need to say more of how much fun this festival seems like?

Less Crowd, More Peace

Nothing beats the adventure and happiness of exploring a place like a local. Apart from all the popular goa tourist places list you made or the ones mentioned in various online articles ‘best places to visit in Goa’ there are different unexplored cafes, clubs and beaches which you can discover easily during the off-season. Enjoy serene walks over the beaches, sip your chilled beer at an exotic beach resort in Goa or just sit at the shack with your favourite book without over-enthusiastic hordes bugging you. All this is possible when you visit Goa during the off-season.

And when there are fewer people around, how easy it is to get that perfect instagrammable shot of your sunset, that beautiful church or those vintage lanes around?

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